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It is 7:21AM and I am up for work. Apparently, someone painted the little blue building across the street. It is now green. I don't know why anyone would do that. It used to be a water ice stand and now it appears to be a storage facility for mattresses.

I don't think that anyone will read this, except maybe Kat. Thus, I will write what I want to. Maybe stream of consciousness style.

I have an office day today but may have clients coming in at nine. Yesterday, I was at work until 8 talking to a client on a DUI appeal that I don't even have discovery on yet. I wonder if my client charged with selling crack and facing a mandatory minimum will come in.

I need to go feed Herman Cain.
This weekend- Valley, Qmart, corn

This week?

Memo due on thursday, practice exam on Thursday, Gitmo thing on thursday.

Thursday is a bad bad day


To Whom It May Concern:
This journal is friends only. This means that while I post frequently you cannot see anything that I write unless I put you on my friends list. Please Please PLEASE read my user info and interests before adding me to your friends list. If we do not share any interests there is no point, as you probably care as much about what I am reading as I do about who you are wearing. I will only friend people who comment on this post letting me know of their intent to friend me and their desire for me to friend them in return.

I warn you that I am boring and that most of my posts concern walking around Philadelphia by myself and my constantly thwarted attempts to get into Law School.

Also, while I do read Russian better than I speak it I do not read it all that well. If you post only in Russian I will rarely comment because between my "skill" and my dictionary it still takes me a fairly long period of time to read through long posts. However, if you still want to friend me I am all for it as the more Russian I force myself to read the better off I am in the long run.

Thanks in advance,

Jul. 9th, 2005

I have WAY too many books. My books are taking over.
I woke up early but thought that I woke up late. My dad wants to come down this weekend and look at some places. Mixed feelings about this. I have been noticing that I have mixed feelings about everything. Nothing is all good and nothing is all bad. Calling Lyss after class.

Spring Fling was loud and annoying but I got a free pretzel.

Feb. 17th, 2005

If you have recently added me to your friends list and wonder why I never post it is because this journal is largely friends only. I would appreciate it if newbies would identify themselves.

My father turned down free Superbowl tickets, hotel stay and $1000. If I were anywhere near him I would feel his forehead.
There is a restaurant in Philly called The Charthouse. I was in there once to wait while Jen filled out an application for a job. Of all the places that I have sat and waited while Jen filled out an application this is the one that sticks out in my mind. Why? Because of the barstools. I never understood barstools. It strikes me as idiotic to balance someone on a tall, rickety chair and watch as they try to maintain their balance as they get steadily more drunk. Maybe it is one of those things that appeals to those who are observing but refraining from drinking, I don’t know. What I do know is that my fear of falling is one of the reasons I tend to avoid drinking in bars. The Charthouse seems to agree with my humble opinion on the stupidity of barstools. Their bar has nice, short chairs that one could fall out of and not require hospitalization. Cheers to The Charthouse and all other establishments that realize that a drunk can make an ass of himself without any aide from the furniture.


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