name's Journal

Vin Mariani
27 April 1982
I am really paranoid. Because of this almost all entries are friends only. If you want to be added comment with your name, location and some assurance that you are not out to get me.

I am a public defender in Philadelphia. I am a real lawyer and have the debt to prove it. My capacity for bullshit has decreased drastically over the years. Eventually I plan on relocating to Switzerland where I will live out my picturesque dream of becoming an Alpine goatherd.

To some people I appear cold and others consider me a joke. My favorite people are those that realize that I, like most, am somewhere in the middle. I don't like loud noises and I don't really like people. I hate loud people.

Books are my greatest love and most powerful addiction and I will read almost anything.

I like to sit places and watch. When it is warm my favorite sitting place is outside of the Philadelphia Art Museum. When it is cold I like to sit in diners.

I have no money.

I am of little use to you or anybody else.

My goal in life is to know everything.

No Pasta.

Thank You.

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